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No one sells seashells on the Sanibel Island sea floor!

You get them for FREE

The island lies on the east coast of Florida and is said to have one of the heaviest concentrations of shells in the world!!


Why so?

As a child we would visit the beach and collect sea snails to bring home and eat. I had always been more intrigued by the delicate seashells lying along the coast- the unique patterns and edgings were just so captivating. These trips ended up with my bucket full of seashells rather than sea snails hehee

So back to the Sanibel Island in Florida…


The abundance of sea shells on this island is due to its unique east-west orientation (unlike most islands which are north-south). This means large quantities of sea shells wash up there all year round! YAY!!

Apparently, those who find a brown polka-dot seashell of a Junonia, get their picture in the local newspapers… Challenge accepted 😀

The prized Junonia seashell!

… well, challenge accepted for future Cindy.

One day when I get the chance to visit this island, I am going to find this delicate and rare seashell. You’ll find me asian-squatting along the coast, amongst all the other visitors who are bent over in the classic “Sanibel stoop” hahaa

How cute!! Shells used to create a person in the Sanibel stoop 😛

Shelling (i.e. searching for seashells) is fun for both children and adults! Not only do you get to spend the day by the beach, you get to explore the coastline AND collect shells to take home.

Sanibel Island is a place to get into some serious shelling. The best part about it, is that, the types of shells will always be different.

Spaces and places are continually changing and will never be the same.

[Travelling smarter tip #1 Respect the environment! Don’t take live shells home- not only is this inhumane, it is also illegal here!]