Exploring the wilderness can be innate for some, whilst completely alien to others.

I am somewhere in between. I’ve been on too many fishing and camping trips as a child that I think it’ll last a lifetime. Mix that with all the Man VS Wild I’ve watched, I’m really set for life.

Surely all the different ways to maintain hydration will be helpful one day … *cough cough*

Yet, even though it may not be exactly my cup of tea to spend my holiday in the middle of the forest, I understand how important it is to Floridians that visitors minimise their impact on the wilderness.

Florida offers a number of activities for locals and visitors. These include biking, hiking, paddling, snorkelling, canoeing, surfing, fishing and sailing. Of course, you can camp as well so there’s plenty of opportunity to truly get in touch with nature!

YES there are so many outdoor activities that are on offer. However, it is important to make sure we ‘Leave No Trace’. For example, cleaning up after ourselves and taking our rubbish with us. We should also aim to observe and absorb our surroundings, rather than pluck or take things. We should also not feed animals either. These small things that we can do to reduce our impact on mother nature will ensure that the environment stays this way for many generations to come.

Everyone has their own preferences as to what they like to do. This is what makes us individuals, but it is also what brings us together. Sharing common tastes in activities such as wilderness exploring, allows like-minded people to interact and communicate. No matter what our tastes are though, we must ensure that we leave the place in the same (or even better) state, then when we first arrived.